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Captain Katherine Barbossa is the beautiful granddaughter of Captain Hector Barbossa, and is pirate lord of the Black, Caspian, and Aral Seas.

History before becoming a pirate lord

Katherine was born on the Queen Anne's Revenge in 1804, which was owned by Hector Barbossa's son, Gregory Barbossa. Katherine's mother, Cinthia, was married to Gregory. She lived the life of a pirate, plundering the seas. She was content.

Her father taught her anything and everything he knew. He named her heir to his title of Pirate Lord.

One night, when she was only sixteen, fleet of Navy ships attacked the Queen Anne's Revenge, which had been renamed the Princess Amelia's Pride. The ships boarded, and went straight for the captain's quarters. They slew Gregory and Cinthia, and left, then sailed away. Katherine was now in charge. She ordered the guns to fire, using the Sword of Triton, and they sunk every single ship the Navy had sent.

History after becoming a pirate lord

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