Captain Ezekiel was born in 1678 and not to be confused with Ezekiel ROTT

When he was young he use to adventure by his old light sloop when he was an adult he got into trading and shipping he then met some EITC soldiers who arrested him for a package that contained live explosives.

He then spent about 40 years in jail once he got out he got revenge on the EITC and killed those soldiers he was thrilled getting revenge on the EITC.

he then met a few people once he got out and a few years later he planned to bomb raven cove but at his mercy he didn't do it he remembered the souls who lived there still and Crazy Ned. The weapons we're the most prized, Ezekiel adventured through the mines into el patron's ship and duelled him. Although El Patron was defeat he didn't kill el patron he took nautilus blade out the chest and a message was sent to him.

One day, Ezekiel sought Jim Logan and asked to be pirate lord he begged at Jim's feet and Jim said

Ezekiel said with a reply ok thanks. ( will edit more )

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