Early life

Dog was born aboard a ship called The Lightning Wolf. His father John Fatbeard marooned him on the island of Tormenta. His father thought that if he found his own way in the world would be the best for him, not end up a Spanish Lord or a thilthy Pirate that risks his life everyday. John Fatbeard had a big place in Spain, which also resulted as a bounty on his head later on, He did not want him to end up like him.

Dog grew up with his older brother Jack. Jack trained him everyday to become a great master swords-man. One day the EITC came to the island of Driftwood were Jack on Dog lived, and confiscated everything, EVERYTHING. Jack didn't survive that day, at least Dog says he couldn't find him anywhere.

The Spartans Guild

Dog is currently a trader to the legendary guild S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S. He also leads a massive naval force called The Emerald Navy.


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Weapon Used

Blade of Agony - Legendary Blade, now lost in the ocean

Blade of Cortez - Now destroyed and thrown into the volcano of Padres Del Fuego

Sacred Pistol - Pistol of Captain Jan Mercedez, still in possession of Dog

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Wanted Dead or Alive!

Please report to a High Ranking Officer of the East Inida Trading Company

Faction Pirates
Tittles Captain,Assassin
Ships Captained Dark-Sail Wolf
Occupation Assassin,Captain,Pirate

Ships Captained

Dark Sail Wolf- Legendary Spanish Galleon, Now a pirate ship in the command of Dog Sharkidd.

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