Captain Daniel Zogby, or وقال الكابتن دانيال مدير , was the future Pirate Lord of the Arabian Sea. It is unknown who he descends from, but he is believed to be the great-nephew of وروبرت ليس السفينة, or in English, Robert Shipstealer.

History before becoming a pirate lord

Captain Daniel Zogby was born in 1795 in a small seaside village in Persia. He was separated from his parents at birth but has no resent. His father was a Naval Officer from England, sent to spy on the Persians, and his mother was... willing to do anything for money. In fact, that's how Zogby was born. And he resents it. He resents holding her name. But, her name is a name descended from the King of Persia, so he got the right amount of respect.

He was sent to be a cabin boy aboard a large trading vessel. He served well, and always faithfully. When he was finally old enough, he became a crew member himself. He eventually became captain of the vessel by age twenty-seven.

One night, as he was passing through dangerous waters, he spotted a battle going on between Arab and Indian ships... pirate ships, to be exact. He tried to stay hidden in the mist, but he was spotted. A quick Arab sloop boarded his ship, and all save three crew members were killed. He was sent to the main ship, where he helped reload cannons. Later, he discovered he helped the Arabs win a battle for free control of the Arabian Sea. Shortly after the battle, the pirate lord died, and anarchy struck. However, Zogby used his knowledge and cunning to claim himself the new pirate lord.

History after becoming a pirate lord

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