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Skull's Kingdom

Map of the resulting colony created by Skull's Maiden Voyage


Citadels are a very important atribute of building a strong, and impenatrable kingdom. The Citadels are strong forts that are hard to destroy, and can put out a lot of fire power. They protect the Magestic Bay, keeping unwanted visitors out of Port Hermit.

Widows Peak Citadel

Widows Peak Citadel is named because of the island it is built on, it forms like a widows peak in the sea, therefore we named it Widows Peak Citadel. This Citadel protects both the Left and Right passageway. It provides
Widows Peak

Widows Peak Citadel

additional assistance to citadel Kate Irongrin and Robert O'Morrigan. This citadel contrains 25 Long Rang cannons on each side of the citadel, it has several armories and a few docks to send out ships to intercept any enemy straggles that manage to get through

Citadel Robert O'Morrigan

This Citadel is strongly fortefied, with a massive barage of 40 cannons on the South wall, to destroy any unwanted visitors.

Citadel Kate Irongrin

This Citadel only has a mere 15 cannons, but is armed with several light sloop, messanger ships, that will relay the news of an attack while the cannons hold them off, allowing for Skull's Navy to arrive, and abliverate the opposition.

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