"Se sei bravo a qualcosa, mai farlo gratuitamente."


Caporegrime Waglington is Waglington's primary character in The Godfather: Five Families. Serving as a Caporegrime under Don Stracci, Waglington is the head of his own criminal empire dubbed the Cheese Syndicate of over 30,000 street thugs, dirty cops, assassins, hit squads, and deli managers.

Waglington was born the third child of the infamous Sicillian crime lord, Don "The Big Cheese," Waglioso in the year 1892.. During pregnancy, Waglington was not expected to survive. His birth came as a surprise to most, but his father knew from the beginning that Waglington would be his great successor. As a child, Waglington was the smallest and weakest of all his brothers even in his teenage years. Though, what he had and his brothers did not have was brains and street smarts. He woud outsmart his brothers at every opportunity, constantly undermining them without them even noticing.

Always being two steps ahead of his brothers, when he finally took the streets, they were of no competition to him. As Wag matured, he found himself in control of every cheese kiosk in Downtown Sicily. His method was simple, but effective: Surrender your cheese or your children become Swedish. It never failed.

\When Don Waglioso died of a heart attack at the tender age of 21, he named Waglington his heir. Outraged, his brothers attempted to kill him, but before they could act, they found themselves sleeping with the fish in cement shoes. "Nothing personal, it's just good business."

To be continued!

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