Caporegime Fail

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Many people have had opinions that Caporegime Fail fell on the head as a child, merely because he mixes things up easily, and easily gets confused with who he is. He is mainly known as the "Dum Dum Guy" because one of the only words he says is "Dumb"

It might also be good to mention that Caporegime Fail is the alter-ego of Don Maccy. You can often see Don Maccy trying to kill himself, and putting on different hats screaming at himself, pacing about a room as if he was a different person.

Now, he is employed by La Mafia and works mainly for the Don Maccy. Though, the Don Maccy always tries to kill Mr. Fail.

La Mafia Allies

  • Himself
La Mafia Enemies

  • Well, the Don Maccy wishes Don Fail would go roll over in a pit and die..
  • His family has the same opinion.
  • His wife has the same opinion as the above.
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