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Capitaine Pierre Boulanger is the possible grandson of Captain Remy, and the future pirate lord of the Atlantic Ocean.

History before being a pirate lord

February 16, 1778, in Orleans, France. Sherri Boulanger had just given birth to her first son, Pierre, at eighteen. Her son was taken from her by the father, Remy (not Remy of Remys Renegades). He was hidden in a small French colony in Africa, where he grew up sad and alone. His father taught him to steal, break the law, and kill anyone who threatens to injure him. Pierre did love the adrenaline, but hated breaking the law. That was, until he was twenty.

There was a knock at the door. Pierre was hidden in the cupboard, and his father answered the door. A gunshot echoed, and Remy fell with a thud. "Find the boy!" the first pirate called. It didn't take long. He was grabbed by the arms, and brought to Oran, a pirate stronghold. There, he met a young negro that went by Captain Orao. "Ah... so this is the descendant of the infamous Remy, aye?" he asked. Pierre had no clue what he meant. Orao looked him over. "A lovely cabin boy, maybe. But pirate lord? Nay," he said. Pierre scratched his head. "Eef you do not mind my asking," Pierre began, "I would like to know: who the hell are you!?" Orao just laughed, and said, "Boy, I am pirate lord of the mistress you would call the Atlantic."

And, so Pierre became the cabin boy for Captain Orao until he was twenty five.

They were sailing along the coast of Spain, when they spotted a small fishing village. Orao stepped to the side of the ship, and grinned. The cannons fired on the town, and ripped the docks to pieces. About thirty fishermen fell into the water. The ones on land were either killed by debris, or hidden in the dust cloud. "Land!" screamed the taskmaster. The dinghies were sent out, and the boarding party ravaged the town. Just as they were starting to leave, a horn blew in the distance. A Spanish armoured squad was charging! Pierre grabbed some netting covered in fishing lures, a splintered pole, and a flask of salt. The first one to charge him didn't have a helmet. He used the pole to smash the enemy's nose. The second one to charge him got netted by the hooks, and salt over the wounds. Now that Pierre only had a pole, he tried to attack from behind. And then, he saw it. Orao fell to the ground, a sword in his back. Pierre dropped the pole, and ran to Orao's side. He only whispered one word: heir. Then he died.

Pierre assumed the position of Captain, and Pirate Lord.

History after becoming a pirate lord

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