The musket was made not long after the sword, in 1670. It was mostly used for private hunting trips Capitaine Guirlande would go on, But is can be very effective in combat, If used properly. After the Revenche Perdo was sunk, and Capitaine Guirlande along with it, The musket was rumored to have gone down with it. This has never been proven true, since a raid on his hometown "Incendie" happened after he went out on his final voyage. The pirates ransacked his house and were saw leaving with many valuable items, Includng a musket.


The musket can be found anywhere, But there is a higher chance of finding it a Isla Cangrejos. It is a powerful famed musket, That has many advantages.

Attack: 69
Special Attack: Hunter's Tactics (Increases Range & Damage)
Bane Shot Boost: +3
Steel Shot Boost: +4
Lvl Requirements: Lvl 22 Shooting


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