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The Cannonwalker Cutlass is a mystical, cursed cutlass that was created by Richard Cannonwalker in 1745. It was created using the severed parts of various weapons, receiving the nickname "Frankensword." However, it doesn't look much different from a typical sword.

The sword is currently in the possession of Christopher Crane.

The cutlass gives the user the Shocking Bladestorm skill, which is exclusive to this weapon only. It also gives the user a fair critical strike boost and powerful thrust and bladestorm boosts.


  • Attack: 87
  • Abilities: Shocking Bladestorm 3, Critical Strike +3, Flourish +3, Thrust +3 Bladestorm +3
  • Level Required: Sword 30 (Master)
  • Resale Value: Unknown
  • Obtainability: Unobtainable

Unlike other weapon-specific skills, Shocking Bladestorm's skill points are reassigned when the user retrains their sword, and likewise can be increased if points are invested in it.



Some time in mid 1744, Richard Cannonwalker and his crew were fighting in the caves of Isla Tormenta. Richard, seeing that one of the Thrall Captains had a Thunderspine Sword in his possession, killed the Thrall Captain and took his sword. After battling more enemies, Richard also obtained a Barracuda Blade and a Nautilus Blade from the island's cave. Afterwards, he obtained a Heart of Padres del Fuego from deep within the Padres del Fuego underground cave system.

After the fact, Richard combined these all to create the Cannonwalker Cutlass. The sword has a meshed combination of the stats of all of the swords used.

Richard's Death

After Richard's death, the cutlass was inherited by his father, Christopher Crane, as per Richard's will. To this day, it remains in his possession.

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