on june fourth a honorable day for the eitc occured the famed member the famous Cad Bane retired on kingshead, vachira Many eitc members came to the retirement party including lord jeremiah Garland, Stallion,and Samuel Redbeard. almost all representitives of the eitc guilds in the empire came to the retirement ceremony and every guest brought a gift for bane including a boatload of tea,a medallion with the EITC insegnia a box worth millions in the markets a sword hundreads of tea wine and cake types were served and cad was given an honor guard to his tea loaed ship to his home which he bought with his retirement money

- he was a brave man

- i will never forget him

- he gave the eitc a morale to belive in

-he was our best

-we will miss him

unnamed eitc soldiers

the pirates were well celebrating in a different way

-so long cad bane thanks for retiring we owe you!

-about time he did

-he should have quit the minute he joined to save himself the trouble

- its a miracle anybody appeared at the ceremony at all

unnamed pirates

(they were all hunted down and killed hours after they quoted these messages)

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