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Bugsy, born Meyer Siegelwein, is a handsome Jewish mobster, born in Poland. In Poland, he owned several rackets that earned him the top spot in the Jewish underworld. However, Meyer's publicity spread a bit too fast and several other big shot mobsters were determined to take him down. Frantic, Meyer then became a stowaway on board the nearest boat, which just happened to be heading toward Tortuga, a place where Meyer had previously thought of expanding his business to.


What Bugsy may look like today

Part I

Hoping not to make the same mistake he made in Poland, Meyer came up with a false alias, which he decided would be Bugsy. When Bugsy quietly snuck off the boat, the first thing he saw was a beach. No ordinary beach, however. It was a sight Bugsy had never seen before, a sight he probably never would want to see. The beach was full of drunkards, sand crabs, rum bottles, and shipwreck. This place was Tortuga. An island popular for its exciting new opportunities, Tortuga Hold 'Em, and, most importantly to Bugsy, the lack of law enforcement. Regaining sense of his surroundings, his attention turned to a nearby tavern - King's Arm was its name, as Bugsy observed. He took his first step on the polluted island, heading toward King's Arm.

Sticky, Bugsy thought.

You would know what Bugsy meant if you ever stepped foot on the legendary island. Because of the drunkards, the beaches tended to be sticky, and, for newcomers, hard to walk on.

Bugsy avoided any drunkards on his way, knowing that an angered drunkard could end badly on his side. After what seemed like an hour, Bugsy finally reached his destination. Unfortunately, after reaching to open the door to the tavern, the door burst open by some crazed drunkard, who wore an eye patch and handkerchief over his head.

Cheesy, he thought. Was this what Tortuga was made up of?

It was that moment that Bugsy was almost killed, or at least a lot more injured than he would have been if he had been hit by the door that had burst open only a few moments prior.

Part II


A shot was fired, possibly coming from a flintlock, that just barely missed Bugsy, hitting the door. The drunkard that had burst open the door a few moments ago had jumped in fear. It was clear that the shot was meant for him, because he was quick to sprint to the swamp. Bugsy quickly opened the door to the tavern and sat down, observing the tavern.

To be continued :)

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