Bugs is the father of Slappy and Husband of Socks.


Bugs had married Socks and gave birth to Slappy.


Unfortunately, Bugs's family was wanted by the Royal Navy, and lived as outlaws. Bugs and Socks raised Slappy, until the day that the Navy invaded the forest they lived in. Navy Soldiers poured in the forest and searched for Bugs and his family. Slappy, who was now grown up, went out with Bugs and attempted to hold off the Navy while Socks escaped. Slappy was slashed on the back and arrested by the Navy. Bugs rereated into the forest to find Socks. Slappy escaped the Navy and found two pirates. They spent half of their lives together and were considered brothers. Meanwhile, Bugs and Socks were still heart broken about Slappy, and started new lives as pirates. They moved in with Daff, Bugs's younger brother. One dark night, Jolly Roger was invading El Sudoron, the small town where Daff's house was. After an hour of hiding, they heard screaming nearby. They found Slappy's bruised body laying in the smoke. They pulled him out of the mess and took him to the house. He awoke the next morning, and the family started a new life. Slappy and Daff joined the EITC to earn money for the family, while Bugs and Socks opened a boat company.

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