285px-Broadsword C

It is said that this blade was forged in primitive times by one of the first and most feared of French Privateers. Legend has it that the Privatateer stole one of the Rubies of the Ocean from Triton for the blade. The Ruby that he stole was the most powerful of all. He went mad with power, and murdered hundreds of Spanish. The blade was so powerful, he could not withstand it, and stabbed himself. Now, the blade is hidden somewhere on an uncharted island.


Attack: 137

Triton's Vengeance - Rank 10

The blade becomes stronger when defeating enemies. Dismissed when the weapon is stowed.

Hurricane Slash - Rank 7

Knocks down all nearby enemies for 30 seconds.

Unafraid - Rank 5

Knocks down a red tagged enemy for 3 minutes.

French Fellowship - Rank 5

Summons fallen French Warriors to aid you in battle. Dismissed when weapon is stowed for minions are defeated.

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