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Don't you want to join something powerful? Something that you can be in with a lot of honor and respect? Want a nice uniform? Well, join his majesty's army that is the most powerful force in the world! Join and defend your country and bring honor and glory to yourself and for Great Britian. You must be lvl 20 or up to sign up, or if you're a veteran of a war, you are honored to join in any time. You must put your signature on the type of infantry or brigade that you want to join.

Military recruitment

British Grenadiers

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British Grenaidors uniforms

British Highlanders

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British highlander uniform

Cold Stream Guards (Elite Infantry) - Must be Unlimited acess and must be lv 40 to join

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Coldstream guards

Cold stream guard uniforms

Not Inspired?

If you're not really inspired, go watch these certain videos to get you motivated:

The British Grenadiersh'j

The British Grenadiersh'j

March of the Redcoats

March of the Redcoats

Marlborough scene from The Gathering Storm (2002)

Marlborough scene from The Gathering Storm (2002)

Getting Trained

Ok, ready to get training and become the best soldier in the world? Ready to serve not only England, but POTCO? Well, you will be at Fort Charles or Kingshead training your body off day and night for 10 hours! Remember, once you sign in you are in the army for 10 years, unless you get discharged. :)


Kings head, were you will be training at to become a good infantrymen

If you have any questions, talk to Lord Governor Marc Cannonshot, who made this page.

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