The Victorian party is a British political party in the British Empire started on December 24, 1745 by Sir Markus Cornelius Wellesley C.

Member of Parliament of Role-Play Britain Lord Markus Corneilus Cannonshot
Office Name
Head Minister Sir Makus Cornelius Wellesley C
Deputy Head Minister None
Member None
Member None

Victorian beliefs

  • Monarchy should watch over the parliament
  • Obey the monarchy and constitution
  • Against tax cuts on the upper class
  • More tax cuts on the middle class
  • The Monarchy should have power in parliament
  • The British Empire should stay out of European politics.
  • Great Britain should have friendly relations with the countries of Prussia,Russia,Denmark, and Sweden.
  • Colonize the pacific.
  • Make tarrif's on foreign goods.
  • Support women's civil rights.
  • Women should have the right to be in Parliament
  • Women should have the right to vote.
  • Women should have the right to join his majesty's royal army and navy.
  • Against racism.
  • The British Empire should be a government of laws.
  • The British government should leave it's subjects alone.
  • The King should crown himself Emperor of India.
  • Limited freedom of speech.
  • Citizens should have the right to civil sue the media pigs.
  • Britain should be named the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
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