British defense on its home server against the Army of the undead.

The Start

After Sven Daggersteel Rehires the famous General Jason Blademorgan, Jason heads online for the first time in months and recommends training to the only officer online ( Lord Tyler Crossbones ). Tyler kindly agrees to the training. Tyler Crossbones orders everyone to teleport to the main british server ( Savica ), Spies report an invasion heading toward Padres Del Fuego.  Tyler then orders the men to head to Padres and prepare defense.

On Padres

When everyone arrives on padres men began to build up defense along the padres coast. Jason Blademorgan and Tyler Crossbones begin to go through the town to recruit militia  for the upcoming battle. With most of the guild not following orders only some arrived. ( Commander Eric, Lieutenant War zone, Private Uh i forgot his name oops.). With help from the militia the forces of Great Britian were able to secure Padres Del Fuego.

The Outcome

Its the First Battle Tyler Crossbones has ever commanded on his own.

Lieutnenant War zone will be given a promotion for his acts of bravery showing even low lvls can make a major difference.

A video will soon be made

The forces of British Co. Elites will host a memorial for those inoccents who died in the battle.

Jason Blademorgan Is rehired by Sven Daggersteel as a General


British Co

British Co. Elites - Week Two

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