Union jack

Due to many dischargements, I Lord Governor Marc Cannonshot, with the permission of Prime Minister Johnny Goldtimbers of Great Britain shall create the British code of conduct. The British code of conduct will ensure there is order in the British Empire and there shall be no more chaos.

  1. Do not insult your superior. If so then you will be put in Newgate prison for 5 months.
  2. Never threaten, kill, and assault your superior. If so the consequence will be death.
  3. Abandoning the navy/army will sent you to death.
  4. Kicking people out of any British guild will sent you to 20 years in prison or shall be sentence to death.
  5. Stealing reps from others when leveling shall be giving a warning. If you keep doing it again you shall be kick out of the British Empire.
  6. Trolling others will sentence you to community service. If you keep trolling you will be kick out of the British Empire.
  7. Betraying the Crown and Empire will sentence you to death.
  8. Pretending to be a superior officer will result you into 5 weeks of community service. If you keep pretending to be a superior officer you shall be sent to exile to the isle of St. Helna were you will be troll at :P good luck.
  9. Driving His Majesty's ships without captain permission will make you join the Royal Navy immediately.
  10. Looking at military or naval plans will put you to death or you will be force to join the Royal Army/Royal Navy.
  11. Making a false report on a crime that did not even happen will make you go into prison for 9 months.
  12. Showing public affection to others like glaring, jumping, celebrating, or sleep to another person will put you into community service for a 35 hours. If you do it again you will be put to 70 hours of community service.
  13. Starting a revolution against the Crown and Empire will make you sing the British national anthem and say the pledge of allegiance to the Crown Empire and then you will be put to death.

More will be coming if the King or the Prime Minister wants to add more laws.

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