"I'd rather we just skip the formalities."
— Bolt's catchphrase


Michael Pren


Bolt, El Relampago, His Darkness


Snek Pren, Serpens

Birth Date:

November 20, 842 AD




Boxer, Mage, Monster Slayer


Silence, Solitude, Strength, Battle


Nobles, loudmouths

Favorite Element:



Bolt, also known by his boxing personality El Relampago, and real name Michael Pren, is an underworld-born citizen of Antiva, Serpens, whose life, like many others, was shattered by the flood of 851 AD at the young age of 9. His remaining family, which climbed the Skyhold mountain to seek a new life in the downtrodden fortress, was ostracized for its Prennish blood. The Prens have historically been despised by the rest of Serpens, primarily for their leadership of Nepania, their spearheading of the Drodnian Genocide, and their generations-long commitment to destructive dark arts. Shortly after the flood, they were high on the list of the ones people blamed in desperation. Upon their arrival to Skyhold, the stigma persisted, despite the people's key role in reconstructing the fortress and establishing its well-armed and well-educated militia. He achieved the prestigious position of Head of the Magic Youth Department of the Office of Occult Studies of Skyhold at the mere age of 15, which he uses to travel freely between Antiva and his home. He is also a dedicated martial artist, having had to, quite often literally, fight for his food as a youth. His role in both worlds have earned him a small fortune and attracted the attention of a conniving few upper-class fans, much to his chagrin.

His older sister, Caroline Pren, is his last living relative, and is a board member of the Office of Commerce of Skyhold, having abandoned her arcane roots. Michael is trapped between following her or treading his own path and restoring prestige to his bloodline.

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