Bobyrujsk Clique
Political and cultural details

Aquilan standard; Kilranian (Eastern dialect)




Bobyrujskian; Kilranian


Religious neo-feudal military junta


Alexei Horváth


Emerald; Gold nugget


Occan provisional government; Khotan

The Bobyrujsk Clique, often shortened to the informal Hurskvitch, is a semi-sovereign protostate in eastern Kilran. Formed in response to increasing centralization efforts from the Maximists in Xolumir, it is currently engaged in a state of frozen conflict with its parent state of Nova Aquila. Its territory spans most of the historical Bobyrujsk region, encompassing much of the continent’s grain and dairy producing lands and a large population of over 8 million to boot. It is led by the former marshal of the Organ, Alexei Horváth, who declared himself Khan of the newly independent Clique upon its secession. As the undisputed political and military leader of the protostate, he presides over a massive cult of personality among the Bobyrujskian minority population, operating out of the major city of Hurskvitch. 

Presently, the Clique is holding its territory steadfastly against the Nova Aquilans, whose military are spread thin ill-funded. The vast majority of the Bobyrujskian population practice devout Transformationism - a traditional Kilranian religion which rejects the Old Ways as heresy but worships Notch as a sage prophet. There also exists a sizeable minority of practicing Acolytes of the Old Ways in the region, perhaps suggesting the influence of the Children of Hades in the confllict.

The Clique’s successful l revolt in late 4851 has massively impacted the already fragile Nova Aquilan economy, crippling their agricultural yields and subtracting a sizeable fraction of the state’s population. However, the internal political situation of the young country has been described as exceedingly unstable, with the transitional government in Hurskvitch devoting virtually all of its efforts to the military and next to nothing on developing the much-needed infrastructure to support the chaotic countryside in the transitional period. Still, the Khan’s near-universal support from the peasants suggests a bright future for an independent Bobyrujsk. They have found unlikely allies in the provisional Confederate government of Occa as well as Khotan, both of whom support the rebels through extensive lend-lease efforts.


The Clique's territory, in red.

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