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This special sword is a one of kind broadsword made by Kat Bluebonnet.This broadsword has the same standard moves as a regular broadsword. There is only one version for this sword made by Kat for Kat only. Kat made this sword with Will Turner when she was interning for him. Kat was helping him make epic swords when she decided to make her own. She wanted to make a sword so powerful, enemies cower in fear when she is near. She made this sword to look a little different on purpose. This sword is always in Kat's first spot in her weapon belt. The critical strike hits every hit. The drain voodoo and drain health makes sure that Kat never dies. The ghost form is special on this sword. The Ghost form is used by Kat to go through high enemy areas. When not used in battle, this sword makes you invisible to enemies. (Only Katbluedog can see her.)Kat uses this ghost form to run through the Jungle to get to Darkhart or Dartan. Kat also uses the ghost form to avoid those evil Rage Ghosts. The Rage Ghost always knocks Kat out when she is close to the mines. The ghost form also stops Foulberto Smasho from attacking Kat. Kat hates to be stunned so it has a stun immune. With this sword, Kat has rank 10 blade storm. She also has rank 10 endurance too. You do not want to challenge Kat to PvP with this sword. (To be honest, Kat is horrible at PvP :P)


  • Attack- 128
  • Level required- 30 Sword.(Mastered)
  • Critical Strike 5 - Critical Strikes hit every hit.
  • Drain Voodoo 5 - Drains Voodoo from every enemy.
  • Drain Health 5 - Drains Health from every single enemy and heals the user.
  • Ghost Form 5 - Makes you invisible to every enemy out of battle and 1/2 damage from attacks in battle.
  • Stun Immune - Make you immune to all stuns.
  • Blade Storm +5
  • Endurance +5
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