Bloodgiver is a sword in the Caribbean.

Attack: -4

Poison User: This sword poisons the user.
Snake broadsword

It looks like a normal sword, but in reality, its pure bad luck.

Burn User: This sword burns the user. Health Give: Everytime this sword hits an oppenent, it gives some health to him. Blow Up: This sword blows up like a powder keg.

Its said that Jim Bloodsilver forged this sword as a gift for his good friend Edgar Wildrat, for when he was to be named heir to the throne. However, Jim's apprentice, Peasant #286, messed up on the recipe. Instead of adding one drop of "Jim Bloodsilver's Ultimate Tonic of Doom" he added a quart of "Super Ultra Bad Luck" juice. Don't ask me how. Now, poor Jim didn't know what had happened until he asked his apprentice how he had made the sword. He then pulled out a bottle of the juice, and poured it all over that month's metal shipment, therefore putting Jim's blacksmithing shop, out of business. So Jim ran to tell Edgar, but he was too late. The sword had apparently blown up and burned off Edgars hair. Thinking fast, Jim got a moldy old mop and put it on Edgar's head. And that is why Edgar Wildrat has green hair.

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