• Batorhos

    New Theme

    April 26, 2011 by Batorhos

    As all of you might, or actually must have noticed, our wiki has gone over some major redesigning by the presdient and founder of the wiki, Curycoo. Tell us what you think of the new theme!

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  • Batorhos

    Over 2,000 Pages

    April 26, 2011 by Batorhos

    The administration team is proud to inform you, the users of this wiki that we have reached over 2,000 articles. We are very honored by all of your great editing skills and ideas. Please, help us reach 3,000 articles, and by then, we will have even more skilled users editing alongside you! The 2,000th Page was... The XL Satellite Cannon! Congratulations!

    ~ The Admin Team

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  • Curycoo

    I, Curycoo (Bur) Hereby nominate as an admin, on the following counts -

    • Persistent editing.
    • Good, useful edits
    • large contributions to the community and wiki as a whole.
    • helped me with spring cleaning.
    • helped in the face of a wiki takeover
    • over 3000 edits
    • very active
    • follows rules strictly
    • still has a sense of humor.
    • onlymadea few mistakes, but we alldo, dont we?

    Shoudl Bator.hos become admin?

    Yes: 20

    No: 2

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  • Curycoo

    Spring Cleaning

    April 24, 2011 by Curycoo

    I have started some wiki "Spring Cleaning", and have so far done the following.

    • Created The Code (they're more what you would call GUIDELINES than actual RULES.).
    • updated user welcome message with this and rules
    • updated list of admins on main page to include sigs.
    • changed little bubble alerting that community corner has been updated to link to community corner mediawiki page, rather than activity feed - easier to read.
    • Added admin scubbub - admins can express a message on the community corner.
    • Fixed main page activity feed - it no longer extends over the edge.
    • COMPLETELY renovated wiki theme.
    • COMPLETELY renovated user welcome message.
    • Added browse to common categories.


    And some cleaning of my own stuff :P

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  • Captaingoldvane2

    I think Shade Link has behaved well, and deserves a promotion.

    For these reasons, I think User:Shade Link should be promoted to Rollback:

    • Often reports bad-behaving users to me.
    • Understands Admin behavior.
    • Is nice, and behaves well.
    • Always tends to want to deal with the bad-behaving users.

    ( Poll ends next wednsday )

    Commenting closed since Shade won the vote. Poll removed because he won.

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