• Lord Andrew Mallace

    My fellow Wikians,

    The year 2019, roleplay year 1752 for those still keeping up, is here. This coming March will mark the 9th year of our existence. The fact that we are still here boggles both my own mind and those of several people, likely including the UGW, the Pirates Forums, and Currycoo himself. The game is long shutdown and TLOPO is but a distant memory for most of us. We've played different games together along the way, most prominently Minecraft, on which our dear Wiki Historian continues to host a dedicated server to all of our wikians (with exceptions). Regardless of what game we play, our base sticks together and continues to embrace the camaraderie all these years later. 

    Our timestamp currently reads: "Gamers Fanon Wiki was fou…

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  • Squirto19

    Copy pasted from this thread:

    "This wiki has changed so much since its creation back in 2010, it's changed so much from how it was back in 2013. We've changed as a community, from new faces to just overall growth as individual people. So why should we continue to stick with policies that defined a completely different wiki and community?

    The ISP was put in place to keep the staff of the wiki as active as possible within the community. A need which almost immediately passed as soon as content began to slow down and POTCO drama began to leave our doorstep. Some of the current staff may not satisfy the edit requirements of 5 years ago, but they still contribute to the wiki when they can. While also remaining a very active part of the community,…

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  • Squirto19

    For some time now, G-man has been allowed to hold Bureaucrat powers on two separate accounts since his resignation, those accounts being The Butcher of Stilwater and G-mot.. Early this morning G-man used the G-mot. account to unban a permanently banned user's sockpuppet in what Gio has said was "a drill to test our preparedness". The administration has decided it would be in the wiki's best interest to have G-mot. and The Butcher of Stilwater demoted from Bureaucrat. The request will be sent to Fandom Staff to handle the demotion if a majority of Support is reached.

    1. Squirto19
    2. Captain Ned Edgewalker
    3. Nults McKagan
    4. WaglingtonŒ
    5. Nate Crestbreaker
    6. LawIronhawk

    1. Marc Warfury

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  • Lord Andrew Mallace

    As per our rules, Unban requests must be passed through a community vote. As much as I'd like to just use my mighty executive power... it aint gon be like dat. Should this pass, User:Will Greasescarlett will be unbanned on the grounds that he is now over 13 and per Wikia's TOU, is allowed to be here. Happy Voting.

    Copy pasted from Ned Edgewalker's SSC post:

    "It's time. Even if he was 7, it's been 6 years and he's 13 now. He can be unbanned. This has to happen, you all know it."

    Long live democracy. Voting will end in 5 days or when it reaches 10 supports.

    Hail the GFW,

    1. Lord Andrew Mallace
    2. G-man.
    3. Johnny Goldtimbers
    4. Squirto10
    5. LawIronhawk
    6. Marc Warfury
    7. WaglingtonŒ
    8. Slappy2742
    9. Captain Ned Edgewalker
    10. Nults McKagan

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  • Squirto19

    Copy pasted from Mall's thread:

    "Per the advice of our esteemed Admin of Coding and all things technological, there has been a recent stem of interest in switching from talk pages to message boards in order to modernize our incredibly ALIVE and WELL ROUNDED wiki. Most people know that I am a huge fan of my talk page and love re-reading history, but I do believe the time has come to switch. Luckily we can archive our talk pages, which I highly suggest you do!"

    And also just to further note, all talk pages will be auto-archived and any pre-archived talk pages will just have a simple name change from "User Talk:FakeUser/Archive1" to "Message Wall:FakeUser/Archive1".

    Squirto19 - Talk Page

    • Squirto19
    • Captain Ned Edgewalker
    • Marc Warfury
    • Nults McKagan
    • Johnn…

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  • Captain Ned Edgewalker

    See also: 2016 Wiki Olympics

    The 2018 Wiki Olympics were an event held from December 20th, 2017 to January 7th, 2018. These were the second Wiki Olympics held.

    There were six events on four different games. Nults McKagan won the competition with a total of 10 points. Nults won a medal in every event to achieve this, but only won a single Gold medal in Capture the Flag. In second came Ned Edgewalker (me) with 8 points total, followed closely behind by Squirto19 with 7 points total.

    Every single event had a different Gold medal winner. 

    No. Competitor Gold Silver Bronze 4th/5th/6th Other Points
    1 Nults McKagan 1 2 3 0 0 10
    2 Ned Edgewalker 1 2 1 2 0 8
    3 Squirto19 1 2 0 3 0 7
    4 Zoomer 1 0 0 2 3 3
    5 Benthamic 1 0 0 0 5 3
    6 Marc Warfury 1 0 0 2 3 3
    7 Sam Dark…

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  • Lord Andrew Mallace

    If this passes, we can easily work out the logistics of either using MOKAD or something separate. Urge everyone to vote their conscious and beware of bias. An investigation has been opened due to Law's incredibly disparaging and disjoining comments to make sure this isn't another attempt at sabotage. Happy voting!

    Copy pasted from Nults McKagan's SSC post:

    "When I made my proposal to legalize most swearing, this is what I really wanted, I just settled because I figured it wouldn't get approved, but I'd like to try it now. I propose we make an official discord, added to the sidebar of the wiki, entitled "Gamers Fanon Wiki" or something of the like. We could do what the last proposal suggested and allow most swearing, other than slurs, and bas…

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  • Lord Andrew Mallace

    Copy pasted from G-man's thread:

    "We already did this to YouTube links but I think it should be done for all links.

    No porn though.

    Or gore."

    This is an important vote and I urge all users to think carefully and express any opinions as this affects our future as a wiki. Best of wishes, and as always,

    Long Live Democracy

    1. Squirto19
    2. G-man.
    3. WaglingtonŒ
    4. Johnny Goldtimbers
    5. Zoomer Strife
    6. Lord Andrew Mallace

    1. LawIronhawk
    2. Nults McKagan
    3. Jeremiah Garland

    1. Captain Ned Edgewalker
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  • Squirto19

    So Wikia implemented a new Nav Bar sometime within the last 12 hours, and that's always fun to get hit with that. While it looks great it actually brought up a problem that has apparently been hiding in our code since forever ago. Some pages don't appear to be affected by it, but most all of them are. I'm trying to fix it as soon as possible but I just have no idea where the code is even coming from. So bare with me while some pages are gonna have no edit button for a while. You can however go to the page you want to edit and in the URL at the top just add on to the end "?action=edit" and that'll let you edit your page for now if it's having this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience (even though it's probably only going to inconvenience Lit…

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  • G-man.

    New Scripts

    May 5, 2017 by G-man.

    These scripts have been added to the wiki.  

    1. DiscussionsFeed - Allows discussions to be seen easily in Special:RecentChanges and makes a new page Special:DiscussionsFeed.
    2. SaveKey - Allows pages to be saved by using CTRL+ S or Command + S
    3. AvatarFinder - Allows a user to add an up-to-date user avatar image into a page without using a file link.
    4. WikiaNotification - Adds custom notifications.
    5. AbuseLogRC - Adds a table on Special:RecentChanges showing the last triggered anti-abuse filters.
    6. MarkBlocked - Strikes out usernames that have been blocked.
    7. MassBlock - Batch block listed users.
    8. MessageBlock - Sends a message to blocked user to inform them about the block.
    9. RevealAnonIP - Unmasks "A Fandom contributor" so that their actual IP address can be seen e…

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