(based on POTCO weapons)

260px-Cutlass I

The last thing enemies of Dante Corvus, or anyone unfortunate enough to be in his way sees, is the horrifying blue glow of the Wicked Blade. Constructed with salvaged voodoo ruins of past civillizations and blessed by the darkest of deities, few have lived to tell the tale of the blade.


Sorry, just a little more exposition.

The weapon bestows powerful benefits to any being powerful enough to wield it. The powers, however, are weakened when in proximity of weapons or objects originating from the Crusades or Spanish Inquisition, for reasons unknown.

Attack Power: 150

Voodoo Shield - Rank 1


Voodoo points act as a usable damage shield, being drained before HP.

Voodoo Channel - Rank 1

(Passive Downside)

Voodoo is drained when using any basic attacks to make up for its immense power.

Voodoo Reflect - Rank 5

(Break Attack)

Reflects any normal damage taken when used for 10 seconds. (drains 1000 voodoo)

Endurance +5

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