Blade of Ra

The Blade of Ra is a Legendary Khopesh, forged in Ancient Egypt.


The Blade of Ra is said to have been granted to the line of Pharaohs shortly before he ascended into the heavens.

When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, the blade was then stored in his palace in Greece. After a few decades, raiders discovered it and stole it. The khopesh was spotted all over the world for several hundred years. It eventually found it's way onto an EITC cargo ship, captained by Ebon Slicin. When Ebon died, his many treasures were scattered.

It is a part of Ebon's Hoard.


The stats are as shows:

Type/Rarity Legendary Cursed Kopesh
Resale Value N/A 789 gold
Attack N/A 107
Combos Rank Description
Slash +2 Basic swing
Cleave +2 Powerful downward strike
Spin Cut +2 The play whips their whole body around to strike
Slice & Dice +2 A flurry of cuts
Jumping Slash +2 The player leaps up, then strikes downward
Skills Rank Description
Sunstrike Rank 4 Your blade erupts in blinding flames, and you strike your enemy down!
Boomerang Rank 3

Throw your sword, and watch it reappear before your very eyes!

Ra's Fury (Break Attack) Rank 5 Unleah the fury of Ra! Kills all nearby enemies in a blinding strike of sun magic!
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