The Blade of Jazuud is a powerful sword that closely resembles El Patron's Lost Sword. It is the only sword of it's kind and is as powerful as a Light Blade and Dark Blade combined. The sword was created by Jazuud, a Shipratian god over 10,000 years ago. It is said to be able to control time, space, and the universe itself, but no mere mortal is said to have wielded it and survive. The sword will only allow a mortal pure of heart and soul who is worthy and skilled enough to wield it and not die. Those who have wielded it and not died but lost it are said to have heard voices and seen an oily figure walking towards them in their dreams, suggesting the blade has a connection to the god himself.


Firestorm: Creates a swirl of fire around the user burning and turning enemies to dust who are foolish enough to try and get through.

Rage of Jazuud: gives the user unlimited control of voodoo, light, and dark energy's and gives the user an energy shield for 5 minutes.

Blessings of Jazuud: can bring a soul back from the afterlife and can repair any damage to the user or another person's body and soul. Can only be used once every 24 hours.

Summon the Beast!: Summons the Leviathan of Dis for 10 minutes. Will only be summoned from or near the sea and shoots fire from it's mouth vaporizing anything it hits.


The blade is used by Lord General Jason Shiprat. However, it is only a copy and only has half the power of the original blade which is yet unfound.

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