"I don't fear death... I slash it to death."-Blacksmoke James To Devil Root On Outcast Isle

Blacksmoke James is a legendary broadsword fighter on the Caribbean, who uses his bravery, his might, and his beliefs to save friends. He rivals stumps, and even is a match for a hundred of the mighty Black Guard. He carries a Dragoon's Broadsword.

Invasions !

When it comes to Jolly Roger's invasions, no one stands a chance against Blacksmoke James. His broadsword spreads fear amongst the undead, and he uses it wisely against any opponent, but throws daggers at the Powder Keg Runners. Now, he has mastered the dagger AND his broadsword.


Blacksmoke's ship is the legendary Red Thunder, a massive war frigate. James has a HUGE crew that follows any of his commands. Together, they withstanded the dreaded Twisted Stump, Devil Root!


Blacksmoke James hangs out in Catacombs, Fort Charles, Las Pulgas, or Isla Tormenta, taking down all sorts of thugs. His favorite place to hang out at is in Outcast Isle, fighting stumps and Ancient Flytraps, sometimes trying to search for bosses like Silent Stinger and Swamp Terror, and Rip Tail.

Can I Meet Blacksmoke James?

Yes, you can, but call him Black Smoke. and if you want to see him destroy Devil Root, he might not, for he only has time to destroy easier enemies. But if you know where Silent Stinger, Rip Tail, OR Swamp Terror is at on Pirates Online, he would thank you ENOUGH! His favorite server is Abassa.

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