Early life

Abandoned on Outcaste Isle at the age of 6 with his 3 year old brother and recently born sister he thought they wouldn't last an hour, but instead was rescued by the EITC. He and his siblings were brought back to Port Royal. On the way he befriended a crewman, Samuel. After they made it to Port Royal, he was taught by Samuel how to use a sword. His siblings were adopted by Darby Drydock. Blackpatch would not see them again for 20 years.

Work For the EITC (10 Years Later)

Blackpatch had been taken under Samuel's wing, and when he was 16 he began to work for the EITC. He had become a Grunt with Samuel at Padres del Feugo, and hacked through any pirate that came towards him. But being only 16 he was merciful and instead of killing pirates he sent them to jail. He had now fought for the EITC for 4 years now. In august, he was sent with thousands of other soldiers to go to Captian Walter's execution at Kingshead. When everyone was there however, Walter of course found a way to escape. He myself persuade him, but he was no match. His wounds were so bad and deep everyone thought he was dead. So he was thrown out to sea.

The French Colors

As Blackpatch floated in the water, a French sloop happened to find him. After that, Blackpatch remained loyal to the French. On a mission most deadly, in the dead of night he sailed to Isle de la Avaricia. Trying to assassinate Garcia de Avaricia, he nearly succeeded but was shot and wounded by Gunpowder Stan. After the Spanish saw his EITC uniform they held him for ransom. Samuel bought Blackpatch back. But just to throw him in Rambleshak.

Samuel: How come you didn't tell me you weren't dead!?

Blackpatch: I was badly injured-

Samuel: You always were a weakling! The only reason I ransomed you out was so that I could tell you that I personally killed your parents! Guards! Take this pathetic excuse of a soldier to Rambleshak!

Blackpatch: Why are you doing this!?

Samuel: Because you've lost your honour!