The Blackfire Blade is a weapon that can be selected after completing Story Quest: Isla Salvaje. Upon defeating Ecsyth, the player can choose from 6 different blades, all of which are special and possess amazing abilities. The Blackfire Blade has several special abilities, such as its Blackfire Sweep ability. When this special power is used, dark flames coat all surrounding enemies, draining their life for 8 seconds and healing the wielder. Its other famous ability is its Dark Form power, which turns the wielder into a shadowy version of themselves (like the enemy ghosts seen on Raven's Cove)and surrounds them with a dark blue cloud. Dark Form gives a temporary immunity to brawl and decreases all damage by 8%. As Dark Form is toggled (rather than charging up and being temporary)—similar to the aura abilities of Voodoo Staves—the abilities provided by Dark Form are only temporary to prevent it from being abused. Some find a good use of the infinite Dark Form in machinima or screenshots.

Weapon type: Rapier
Attack: 105
Resale value: 880
Blackfire Sweep Rank 3
Dark Form Rank 3
Endurance Boost +3
Voodoo Drain +2
Health Drain +3


  • The Blackfire Blade is the same sword wielded by Nortap.
  • Like every other sword from the end of the quest, the Blackfire Blade is slightly recolored; the Blackfire Blade is obviously much darker than its counterparts: Shadow Cutlass and Spectral Cutlass.
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