"Aye. That be the cold breath of Fate I feel down my nape. But, I'll have one last fight, by God, KILL THEM ALL! "

- Blackeard At The Battle Of The Fountain Of Youth

  • Edward Teach Was born In the Late 1600's
  • In his early adult hood he went into piracy and was cabin boy of The Queen Anne's Revenge
  • His captain, sven swift always said he looked fiendish

Edward Teach grinned at him.

That night Edward Teach and his crew mates gathered a meeting the crew wanted to kill The captain. Edward Refused, he called killing the Captain and taking the ship a mutiny. As The 2nd Captain was spying he yelled "Mutineers!!" The Crew then Killed The 2nd captain and The rest of the followers, but Edward was no fool, he knew what he had to do. Edward Teach sliced his sword through his crew mates and headed to the Captain's Quarters, Sven said " Edward Teach you dare challenge me? " Followed by "Yes i do" when Edward teach stabbed the sword piercing him through the chest he claimed victory but the Captain was the great grand father of a Spainard, Named Herberto. Heberto said the person who killed the Captain would face the Sword of Triton. The Crew wasn't scared Suddenly Pirates boarded and Pirates turned on each other for the Sword, young blood Edward Teach fought the superior Captain rapidly.


The Queen Anne revenge in early Times


Sven Swift On a French Conquerored Island Ordering His Crew To Attack Spain


Herberto On Left And young Edward Teach on right Fighting Each other for Control of the Queen anne's Revenge

Edward Teach's Victory

Edward Teach Shot Herberto at least 8 Times in The Chest His last words were

" Every Swing Every shot Equals.... An outcome " Herberto Then Falls off the edge and Falls into the watery Grave

1699 Edward Teach Was married and Had Children His Lastest Daughter is Angelica and Edward Teach was renamed Blackbeard and also Has A live Warrant.

Potco email unlimited warrant

The Royal Warrant Wanted Gold: 200,000 For The Captain'S ship with the crew Alive

Recent Activity

Blackbeard Sails with different crews and is still honored today

Screenshot 2011-06-11 23-32-52

Blackbeard with Crew


Rebecca Black April7news

Some creepy girl who Sings every friday on the queen anne revenge

Rebecca Black - Friday (Lyrics)

Rebecca Black - Friday (Lyrics)

If your Wondering whats on fridays here it is... Warning Cover your ears slightly

Rebecca Black - Friday Official music video

Rebecca Black - Friday Official music video

Screenshot 2011-05-29 18-55-22

The Wrath!

Youtube Poop Rebecca Dies In a Car Crash

Youtube Poop Rebecca Dies In a Car Crash

After Hearing this watch it ASAP!

Screenshot 2011-06-02 19-44-58

Blackbeard Vs Zombfied Herberto With His brother Redbeard Wearing the vest and orange shirt and pants

Herberto Returns

Once Blackbeard found redbeard and blackbeard headed back to sea herberto already killed about 33 crewmates and wounded 47 Using the sword of triton however He set Fire and Turnt back to his Dead form and His soul was taken To defend the Queen anne revenge and The King George's Revenge for his ever lasting life.

______________________ The Black Terror_____________________

Quarter master Gunner and the rest of the crew Saw A Light Sloop with the name of the HMS Friday The captain name was Rebecca the 2nd captain was name benni and the 3rd who likes to eat her hair is named Ugly They we're forced to Become part of the Crew Ever since every friday The Black curse breaks out and they start dancing like THIS

Rebecca Black dancing to friday with friends

Rebecca Black dancing to friday with friends

______________________ Mutiny_________________________________

Mutiny Blackbeard Scene Early Release

Mutiny Blackbeard Scene Early Release

Jack sparrow Almost took my SHIP!!!
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