Black Swan
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Black swan guarding Isla Lusso


Lusso Defense Ship

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Isla Lusso

     The Black Swan is one of the various ships that guard Isla Lusso.


Broadsides: 80-Each Side
Crew: 10
Health: 18,000,000,000,000
Speed 100,000
Cost Cost 10,000,000,000 gold to make.
Max Cargo 80
Armor: Silver armor: 80%
Quantity: Currently 65 are guarding Isla Lusso.
Use For: Used for everything: Gunning, watching, even transporting goods to and from the island.


Edgar Vongo and Soar


The first Black Swan was made about 20 years ago by a man named Edgar Vongo who helped Soar manage Isla Lusso. He knew the island needed more security so he suggested the idea to Soar. He liked the idea so much, he made Edgar the captain of the first one to be built. This ship is now the backbone of security for Isla Lusso. Many say that without these ships, Isla Lusso would have gotten robbed and such, and they are probably right.

Stats Cont

The ship is 1,800 feet long, making it a massive ship. Inside, there is sleeping room for 20, though there is only a crew of ten. That fact actually marks a historical moment in the making of this ship. Soar was making some modifications to the ship before it was being built and he wanted a crew of ten. There was only sleeping room for ten in the original plans. Soar didn't like that. Soar actually got into a fight with the manager of the making of the ship after he called Soar "Stupid" and "Useless". Soar ended up suing the man for 1,000,000 gold, and the man fell into debt and later went to jail. And with that, Soar got his way and the plans now stated there would be sleeping room for 20. He made it this way because he figured, they work so hard in the day, why shouldn't they live in comfort at night? There are 10 sleeping rooms, but each of the rooms had a king sized bed, so technically, there is sleeping room for 20. Along with that, there is a bar area, a lounge, a place to eat, and the captain's quarters.

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