Black Resistance is an EITC guild founded by EITC Lord, Jeremiah Garland. The guild is currently, as of June 24, 1722, allies with the Co. Black Guard and the Company Guard. The guild was officially founded June 17, 1722, and as of June 24, 1722, the guild holds 21 members, ranging from level 14 to level 50.

The Great Order of the Sovereign

The main goal of the guild is to see an end to the tyrannical rule of Samuel Redbeard and Johnny Goldtimbers (mostly Samuel) in the EITC. To help achieve this goal, the Black Resistance has allied itself with numerous other guilds (among them The Paradox and Skull's Marines). When this large number of guilds allied, they agreed to form a super-alliance, to help fight Samuel as one organization. The alliance is called the Great Order of the Sovereign, as Garland and the Black Resistance serving as the founders. For more info on the Order, visit it's wiki page.


Garland's Absense

As of June 24, 1722, Lord Jeremiah Garland is no longer the guildmaster of the Black Resistance. He has joined the Co. Black Guard, and is currently an officer. In his place, he has left his other pirate, Lord Leon Swordhawk, to rule the guild as standing GM. It is not yet clear whether Garland will return to the Resistance, or stay in the Co. Black Guard, although he is leaning towards and highly considering staying in the Co. Black Guard. As for his GM, he will either find a high-ranking EITC lord to fill the spot, or permanently hand over the position to his Co GM, Captain John.

Guild Rankings

All members level 20-29 are automatic veterans. All members level 30-39 are automatic officers. All members 40-50 are automatic high-officers, a new in-guild rank meaning they have the most control in the guild next to the guildmaster.

Here are the current leaders of the guild:

Lord Jeremiah Garland (lvl. 38) : Sovereign (guildmaster)

Leon Swordfury (lvl. 17) : Stewart (standing GM)

Captain John (lvl. 43) : Prime Minister (second-in-command)

Jack (lvl 47) : Archbishop (third-in-command)

Star (lvl 50) : Duke (fourth-in-command)

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