Captain ernst's ship

The Black Pearl was a notorious ghost ship owned by the infamous pirate, Captain Ernst who terrorized the Caribbean in the early 17th century. 


The Black Pearl was a pirate ship captained by the evil undead pirate Captain Ernst. His crew was a cruel gang of ruthless undead pirates that caused chaos, and murder throughout the seven seas. and From that day on, the story of a dreaded ship which was cursed spread tyranny and fear through out the whole Caribbean.

In 1630, a young pirate Nathaniel Hawk encountered the Black Pearl in Falaise de Fleur port following an attack by two immortal pirates. He was forced to give them the chest which he was carrying in Redmond several days earlier. After hearing tales of a terrible ship captained by the devil himself, Hawk went to search for the Incan temple which contained the mystical artifact needed for the destruction of the ghost ship.

After finding his old friend, Danielle Greene, Hawk discovered the Incan temple on the island of Khael Roa, and the artifact which he was looking for. Danielle took the artifact, which caused the destruction of the temple.

Soon after, Hawk's ship, the Victory, encountered the Black Pearl. Using the power of the artifact, hawk destroyed the Black Pearl, splitting the ship in half. The Black Pearl sunk to the bottom of the ocean, ending captain Ernst's reign of terror once and for all.


Design and appearance

The Black Pearl was an ancient-looking frigate, infamously known as a ghost ship that would strike fear into the hearts of bravest mariners in the Caribbean. Her rigging had three masts: the fore, the mizzen, and the main. Like all frigates of the early 17th century, the Black Pearl had a spritsail topmast at the end of the bowsprit. Although the ship's sails were ragged and non-functional, the Pearl was very fast.

The Pearl was heavily armed, carrying 36 broadside cannons and 2 stern chasers. Though she had no bow chasers, she could still destroy any ship whose crew was crazy enough to attack her. The Pearl was literally undefeatable, and immune to all sorts of firearms, making Captain Ernst impossible to defeat

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