Guild Userbox ImagePirate Black Legion is a Pirate Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

Hola. JackyWolf here. I have created a new guild. Titan Marines, my old guild is to weak. Low Levels. No one ever comes online. So, i have created a new guild. I give You, THE BLACK LEGION. PLz comment if you wanna join.


  • I would like to have unlimited access member, but a basic is Ok, I guess. ONLY IF THEY FIGHT VALLENTLY
  • There is no uniform. we are pirates for gods sake!
  • Only lvl 7 and up allowed.

Pirate Enemies

(Currently none, but if skull hates me, that one might come up...)

Pirate Allies

  • United Outlaws, I think (Don Robert, if this isn't true, feel free to take it off)

Navy Enemies

  • British Navy
  • EITC
  • Di Le
  • French Navy
  • German Navy

Navy Allies


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