Black Assassins Co is an organization of skilled killers who kill the bad to defend the weak. These citizens are very skilled, and trained by the finest teachers money can buy. Founded by King Shadow Sail, the organization is new, and looking for members. The organization takes jobs from Shadow, who has connections to loyal, high ranking pirates who know where robbers, and thieves hide. When these type of people can not be caught or put in jail, and pose as a threat, that is where the Black Assassins come in. If they don't need to assassinate, they won't.


  1. Top Assassin / Chief ~ Leads the organization, makes the calls, etc. Also, founded the government. ~ Taken
  2. Second in Command ~ The assassin that is second in command. A very high rank, but cannot over power the Top Assassin. ~ Is Being Saved
  3. Planner ~ Plans the assignations. All plans must go through the Top Assassin. ~ Taken
  4. Supervisor ~ Watches over assassins to make sure the job is being done. He cannot make major calls.
  5. High Ranking Assassin ~ An assassin with a high ranking.
  6. Assassin ~ A worker for the organization, goes out on jobs, etc.
  7. 2nd Assassin ~ Same as assassin, but a lower rank.
  8. RD Assassin ~ Same as 2nd Assassin but a lower rank.
  9. Sea Agent ~ Does assassinations by sea.
  10. Sea Agent 2 ~ Same as Sea Agent, but a lower rank.


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  1. REDIRECT User:Batorhos/Sig ~ Planner

400px-John Breasly (2)

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  • Simon Redskull ~ Sea Agent
  • Nightmare10 ~ Assassin
  • Eric Redmonger ~ Assassin
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