Black-Eyed Bolivar

Black-Eyed Bolivar

Black-Eyed Bolivar is a Spanish privateer. He is the sworn enemy of Nicholas De Salisbury.


Black-Eyed Bolivar was once known as an esteemed Spanish general named Fernando Bolivar. He was born in 1674. Fernando grew up in a small house in Seville.

At the age of eighteen, Fernando joined the military. By twenty eight, he was one of the highest ranking generals.

One day, a man from England entered Seville. By this time, Fernando had built a mansion. The English man spotted one of Fernando's serfs, the beautiful Maria Gonzalez. Fernando bartered with the man, and eventually struck a deal. The man would give Fernando information, as long as he had Maria.

Eighteen years later, Fernando sailed to engladn to collect the next round of information, only to find out Maria had died three years ago. Fernando demanded information still, but the English man refused. Fernando was growing impatient. Suddenly, the door swung open. An teenage boy charged into the room, and stabbed at Fernando. Fernando dodged, and shot the boy. Unfortunately, the English man jumped in the way and took the bullet. The boy ran from the house. Fernando and his men pursued him for several miles, until the cornered him in a blacksmith's shop. As Fernando entered, a dagger went flying towards him. It struck him in the eye. Fernando doubled over in pain and screamed, ""I... AM... FERNANDO BOLIVAR! AND... I... WILL... END... YOUR... PITIFUL... EXISTENCE!" The boy ran forward, and slammed into Fernando. He fell into the mud. Fernando and his crew began following the boy again, but lost him.

Fernando climbed aboard his ship, defeated. He pulled the dagger out of his eye. The ship's doctor patched him up on the way back to Spain. When he arrived back in Madrid, he was scolded for his failure and demoted. From that day on, Fernando vowed he would kill the child, who's name was now known as Nicholas De Salisbury. Apparently, one of the soldiers saw his name on a school tuition form in the English man's office.

Many months after his failure, Fernando went into denial. He sailed to the Caribbean, and became a privateer. At this point, he was fifty one. Privateers steered clear of him. He had gone insane. He had no mercy, no hesitation. Just hate. Because of his evilness, the white of his good eye turned black.

Today, he sails the seas, trying to find his arch nemesis, and killing anyone in his path.


Black-Eyed Bolivar is a level fifty privateer.

Notoriety Level 50
LevelTemplate50 Black-Eyed Bolivar has reached Notoriety level 50!
Sword Level 30
Sword Black-Eyed Bolivar has mastered Sword!
Gun Level 30
Gun Black-Eyed Bolivar has mastered Gun!
Doll Level 30
Doll Black-Eyed Bolivar has mastered Doll!
Dagger Level 30
Dagger Black-Eyed Bolivar has mastered Dagger!
Grenade Level 30
Grenade Black-Eyed Bolivar has mastered Grenade!
Staff Level 30
Staff Black-Eyed Bolivar has mastered Staff!
Cannon Level 30
Cannon Black-Eyed Bolivar has mastered Cannon!
Sailing Level 30
Sailing Black-Eyed Bolivar has mastered Sailing!

Please note, this is not a real character in game. This is a creation made by John Breasly.

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