Björg Van-Derschpüten (Vee-org Van der-schpew ten) is a German Warlord with an awkward name visiting the Caribbean. He was sent by the King of Prussia to spy on the British, French and Spanish posted in the Caribbean. His background is unknown, and he is rather short with a funny accent. The reason for his spying on the other countries in the Caribbean would be because many of those countries are powerful, perhaps TOO powerful? He is mainly watching Spain, as they are a pack of liars claiming to be the most powerful, when the most powerful is obviously Britain, according to him. He has been observing leader such as Sir Carlos Clemente, Lord Marshal and Overlord of France Samuel Redbeard, King Jack Bluehawk, and King John Breasly. He will be making notes of his observations.

His Work

Björg is one of the best spies you will find out there. Working 35 years in the spy business, he knows all the best techniques to get by, and the best and fastest ways to kill people. He can be hired by players, but he is not cheap. His prices are below.


1 week - 1,200 gold

2 weeks - 2,100 gold

3 weeks - 5,000 gold

4+ weeks - 10,000+ gold

Observational Notes

I have noticed that "The Paradox" guild picks on Lord Samuel Redbeard quite often. From my speakings with him, he seems to be a tolerable guy. He is strict when needed, yet calm and powerful. He can go overboard sometimes.

King John Breasly, from my standings, knows how to run a country. He keeps a tight militia system up and running, and is quick to react, and does not hesitate.

I have been watching "The Paradox" guild, and have noticed that many of them lack respectful manners. They often thieve and steal, and are rude to many users, especially those from Co. Black Guard and Gen. of Peace. I have noticed that their leader, Sir Carlos Clemente, is quick to judge, often making absurd assumptions about people. I will continue my watch of them. Aside from that, Carlos sure knows how to run a steady and powerful guild.

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