Billy Roger is an active pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean online. He is known worldwide for his life long quest to rescue his father, Travis Roger and his vessel, The Fortune Queen. He is currently a level 36. He still keeps The Fortune Queen by his side, as well as his two personal ships, The Storm King (War Frigate) and the Sea Sabre (war sloop).

Billy was born in Port Royal sometime in the 18th century. His early life consisted of working as an apprentice for Darby Drydock, it is believed he gained his vast knowledge if sailing and ships from here. Eventually, Billy grew up and moved out of the house. He told his mom that he was going to join the Navy but in fact, he had other plans in mind. He was going to find his father, if piracy was what it took then so be it.

Billy's reputation grew with the successful capture of his father’s vessel, The Fortune Queen. Eventually he was able to rescue his father from his uncle's flagship. However it came to a tragic end when Jolly killed Travis just two weeks later. After his death, a will was found inside a drawer on the queen and it entitled Billy to his father’s ship, weapons, and half of his gold. Today, Billy can be found sailing the waters of most "A" servers although he can sometimes be found on a quiet ones. If you find him, he will likely be more than happy to answer any question you may have. He may even let you take a ride on The Fortune Queen! His guild is open for admission thus far.


Sword: 22





Staff: 18

Sailing: 23