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Billy Drydock

Ethnic group: Australian

Hair color: Blond
Blond pirate

Eye color: blue

Height: 5'5

Born: July 9, 1735

Bounty: 500 gold

Ships: Scarlet dragon, Dark Shark

Billy is part of Sharkkidd's Sea Log.

Billy's story

I grew up with Billy. I have known him for almost all of my life. Billy's father was the well known ship merchant, Darby Drydock. Darby and Billy lived right next to us and often Darby would leave Billy at our house while he went to work. On the day Jolly Roger invaded Port Royal and killed my father Billy rushed over to find Hobo and me staring at the dead body and he asked what happened. I explained to him what happened and he offered to help me get my revenge. From that day on Billy was known as the ships officer.

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