At Benjamin's Playhouse we offer a fun and enjoyable time for the entire family!


Our HQ ( about the size of a portable toilet ) because nobody invests because we are horrible

Teaching new comers about piracy is all we care about! Making sure they know the ropes to everything they'll need on POTCO!



Head-master: Benjamin Macmorgan

Vice Principal: open

Teacher of Piracy: open

Teacher of Numeracy: open

won=1 to=2

Teacher of Glitches: open


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Why Benjamin's playhouse?

Because, unlike many other academies we actually help, and most of all we have a fun time doing so! Through plundering, to glitching, to even having poker night Fridays!

Note: If you want to suffer severe injuries or possibly die of being bored then Benjamin's Playhouse is the place for you!

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