Founded in the early 1700s by Benjamin Macmorgan, Benjamin's Fine Dining is by far one of the best ( if not the best ) restaurant in the world. Located in Emerald City ( Caribbean ), Paris, London, and St.Petersburg! Each location offers a unique high-class dining experience, filled with the finest cuisine, staff, and entertainment. Each of our meals are made of the finest and freshest ingredients in the world. We hope you enjoy our time here, and come back soon!


Founder/President/Owner - Benjamin Macmorgan

Manager: Jim Logan

Host/Hostess: Miss Telltale

Waiter/Waitress - open

Waiter/Waitress - open

Waiter/Waitress - open

Kitchen Jobs

Head Chef - Captain Andrew

Operations Manager - open

Griller: open

Demi Chef: open

Sous Chef: open

Pastry Chef: open


  • The Meat Strip: £20.99
  • Spainardo £17.85
  • Russian Caviar - Chips £32.55

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