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My Life Story

My parents abandoned me on the wild island known as rumrunners isle as a child. One day a cargo ship was heading for rumrunners isle to collect some of its rum from the cellar on the island when they found me. they were nice enough to let me sail back to tortuga with them, but that was all they could do for me. There a nice blacksmith took me in and tought me how to make and use sword. i had mastered the sword at a very young age. Then the day came when jolly and his army invaded tortuga.The blacksmith told me to hide in the cellar, but when some of jolly rogers undead minions burst into our house and killed him i was filled with rage and i vowed that i would take revenge on jolly and his army.

About me

  • Me looking Awesome
  • Me looking at.... err... something
  • Me dancing
  • Showing off my dagger
Preferred Servers: Abassa, Antik, Angassa
Preferred Islands: Tortuga & Padres Del Fuego
Mastered Weapons: voodoo doll & sword
My Ship Class: none
My Level: was fourty two
Current guild: None
current location: Unknown....
current status: Making a plan.....

My current whereabouts

you can find my in my normal servers and in the test server.

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