Beckett's Empire pertains to role-play.


"First of all, I will start by saying my favorite story. Tom Cresthawk and I were talking, for we had become very good friends. We continued talking for hours until I asked him to join my guild. Much to my surprise, he actually agreed to join me. I decided to make him an officer because he had given up the position of GM in Beckett's Guard, to join my guild, Kingshead's Elites. I also made Tom 4th in command, and the guild became a hit. In a matter of 6 hours, I had nearly as many members as King's Marines. Unfortunately, I had to leave for personal reason's, forcing me to give up control of the guild. When I first began my inactivity, the guild had 60 decently active members, even before its official name was accepted. When I saw Tom go inactive, however, the guild had almost been destroyed. Kingshead's Elites was now an inactive guild when only a week ago, we had 23 more members than OUTLAWS. Then one afternoon, I had a brilliant idea and persuaded Tom to follow. We were in Fort Charles, in the room with the dressers. I decided that we should create an Empire, while Tom thought of creating continuing his service to Lord Beckett. We agreed to combine our ideas to create Beckett's Empire together. The guild was a hit once again." - Lord Revenge aka Pirateswordrevenge


  • 1st in Command - Pirateswordrevenge (Level 41)
  • 2nd in Command - Tom Cresthawk (Level 26)
  • 3rd in Command - Lord Reecee 
  • 4th in Peter Truehound (Level 34)

Message to the EITC

"That is all I will say for now: My account has gotten hacked. As for my guild, I will not return until Saturday, January 7th at 2:30 PM MST. For now, fair winds to you, my fellow EITC friends, Johnny Coaleaston, Lord Johnny Goldtimbers, Giratina Origin Forme, Sven Daggerstealer, Maximillion. I hope you have a great day and I will see you on Saturday." - Lord Revenge aka Pirateswordrevenge

Beckett's Empire pertains to role-play.
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