The Cause of the War

Atlantia is a peaceful place filled with Mermaids. The king, Poseidon, and the queen, Amphitrite, were great rulers. They had a daughter named Ana. She was a beautiful mermaid who always wondered off in curiosity. There was a group of creatures called Death Mites. They were dark mermaid-like creatures. They were always surrounded by a black fog so details have never been seen about them except their black fins with spikes covering them and their glowing yellow eyes. As the mermaid Ana wondered off into a seaweed field, the Mites snatched her. They said they will only release her if Poseidon surrendered the trident. That couldn't happen. Poseidon gathered an army to fight the Death Mites and free his daughter.
Death Mite

Death Mite

The War

During the war, Poseidon and his army of 1000 battled the 100 Death Mites. The Mites were far outnumbered,
Mermaid 3


however; they were far more powerful than the Atlantian army. Poseidon tricked the mites by handing over the trident. The mites free Ana as promised. Completely distracted with the trident, the army of Atlantia took the Black Crystal, the energy source of the Mites. They fed it to a Dark Kraken. That was the only way to destroy it.

The War's Results

In the end, Poseidon had his daughter back and the trident, however; he lost many army men. he claimed it was worth the war to get his daughter back to him.

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