Every fight, every argument, has a reason. We look at ourselves to this day and know we can do better, we all have OUR moments. Here were a few speeches given on the game by Sven Daggersteel. Most of the battles Sven fought were outnumbered. Before I make this, I am going to thank everyone who has ever ATTENDED these, or set foot on my boat.

The Quotes

"The beginning of the end. This is what you consider your attempt to exterminate us. No. An end is coming, but it will be yours. The pain and suffering you inflicted shall be our cries for war, the anger and sorrow brought about shall spurn those who have felt it's burning spear to join the cause, and those are many. WE stand strong, united, faithful, and loyal. You can only say you stand strong, and your soldiers constantly fight amongst themselves. Your end is nigh, prepare for it."-The final battle of The Delta Republic, the day the wicked guild ended.

"With my weapon in hand, I refuse to yield. With my brothers in peril, I refuse to falter. With my home in danger, I refuse to retreat. As long as I remain standing, I refuse to fall."-Speech given at the British Parliament meeting.

"The fate of the world is in our hands. We can not fail, or mankind will divulge into the pages of history, written on scrolls by the Evil hand, the very hand that will take from all of us, our lives, our essence, our world. The winds shall sing us a song of victory as we fall into battle, and the trees, the birds, the beating of an allie's heart, and the thought of loved ones, shall remind you, what we stand to win. For we stand to win everything. Tonight, we fight like heroes, and die, as Gods."

More will come if I make more :P

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