Early life

Basily Galifizois Peter Michael Brawlmonk III, was born January 7, 1646, in London England. He was born into a huge Naval Family son of Basily Galifizois Peter Michael Brawlmonk II, Lord Admiral of the British Navy at the time. So, of course, Basil grew up in a very affluent setting and was very well educated. He was trained in the art of war by his father, who kept him on a strict physical and mental regime to keep him alert and physically fit. By age 13, he was serving on his father's flagship as a Cabin Boy. By the age of 14, he was thrusted into battle for the first time against pirates who were attempting to raid his father's ship. Basil made his first kill in this fight too. He killed the Pirate Captain actually. His father was proud, but Basil was shaken by this, as he had never seen the blood and gore of combat. He was used to it in 5 more months. At the age of 19, he was thrusted into "OCS" due to the connections his father had to the king. He came out a Lt. He was very into the naval stuff and ascended the ranks fast.

Naval career

Basil ascended quickly to Captain at the age of 21. At the age of 24, he ascended to the rank of Commodore, and at 26 he made it to the rank of Admiral. He was a low ranking admiral, however. He worked his tail end off until the age of 34 when he ascended to the position as Lord Admiral. He stayed at Lord Admiral until the age of 59 when he passed away.

Rise from the Dead

During Basils time as GM of SPARTANS, Basil III visited Basil IV to tell him how to beat Pearson. He gave Basil the knowledge necessary to fend off Pearson during a vital point in the Paradoxian War. 


Basil III

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