The facility was once an old, run down, spanish fort that was repaired and rebuilt by Shiprat Industries to modern specs. The facility was the top reasearch facility in the entire company. The most dangerous and deadly weapons, diseases, and devices were tested, studied, and manufactured there. This facility was rivaled by no other and kept Shiprat Industries in the lead of technology until it's downfall. This facility was one of the strongest facilities in the entire company. The facility was also completely self sufficient.


Length: 12 square miles

Width: 14 square miles


thickness: 20 ft.

heigth: 20 ft.

Levels: 15 floors

Buildings: Barracks, Security Station, Supply Depot, Research Facility, Dorms, Airstrip, Power Plant, Docks, Defense Towers, Tower Keep, Bunkers, Mines, Farms, and War Tower (10 floors each with 20 cannons facing each side of the four sides).

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