Server Barten

Barten is Still Active!

Barten was a quiet server... The Palladins lived there, it was there home server. Until one day a former Palladin started a civil war over the server Barten, in Palladins Cove (A.K.A Raven's cove) He lost then shortly after that Barten was deleted from the server list forever.

One of the servers that was lost forever during the Asteroid Impact

Goodbye Barten :)

Goodbyes From The Following

The Palladin Flag



  • John Macbatten
  • Roger Mcbellows
  • Charlottle
  • Joe
  • Tradr Of The Undead
  • Simon
  • And the rest of the palladins!

These guilds liked this server before it was deleted

These players like this server before it was deleted

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