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The Baratarians are a guild in Pirates online that cheer for the French Privateer's! We are a wonderful guild and is open to any one!!!

The Baratarians have 10 laws that are required to be used and kept in your mind!

The first code and the most important is to be nice!

The owner of the guild is Capt. Jean Lifitte & Capt.Black Beard...

Most of the guild members like Hunter Blood Sun are Officer's.

We try to help every one in the guild when we are not busy!!!

We also try to tp to ppl quickly to heal them.

We are a fast growing guild with as much as 116 pirates so far!!!

The Guild was Created on December 17, 2010

Some times on POTCO all the Baratarians online have a party and call it "Baratarian Day"


The Baratarians were real and we have proof!! They where even talked about on a public website

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